Trip: “Classic Abba” or “disconcerting retrograde”

  Trip: “Classic Abba” or “disconcerting retrograde” – the return cd divides the point of view


Forty years after their last studio album, Abba has actually made one of music's most anticipated resurgences with the release of their new record, Voyage.

The 10-track CD nevertheless divided the views of skeptics.

"It's vintage Abba, on par with their timeless 1970s run," Wanderer said in a four-star testimonial.

But The Guardian's two-star article warned that Trip is a "dissatisfaction" that rots in "generally disconcerting contexts".

The cd arrives 2 months after Swedish pop tales released the first 2 unreleased songs, I Still Have Faith In You and Don't Close Me Down.

Jude Rogers of The Guardian said "the prestige guaranteed by the two fantastic singles on this cd is horribly unfulfilled".

"Instead of poignantly showing the past, much of the rest of Voyage definitely feels stuck there."


Abba in the recording workshop


Image caption,

The band first got together in the recording studio in 2018

Among the tracks on the album, When You Danced With Me causes "a slight nausea" while a Christmas track called Little Points, which is 3rd on the track checklist, is "huge criminal activity against the sentiment, sentimentality and also sequencing," she said.

"So they had actually stopped at those 2 comprehensive tracks, leaving the rest to our mind-blowing imaginations."

Additionally, Wanderer submitted Little Points under "stomach filler."

"But otherwise," wrote the publication's reviewer, Rob Sheffield, "Voyage reflects exactly how far these four have been on a journey, musically and also emotionally.

"There's no humbling effort to rise today with the bops kids are in these days, a compliment to their stability."


Travel "exaggerates the unfortunate drama", he writes. "It's an entire cd of The Champion Takes It All, without Mamma Mia or Gamble On Me."

He concluded, "It's a surprise to see these Swedes back in gaming. But it's a bigger, sweeter surprise that they came back so full of musical vigor."

A photo taken in 1974 in Stockholm reveals the Swedish pop team Abba with its participants (LR) Benny Andersson, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Agnetha Faltskog, or even Bjorn Ulvaeus.GETTY

Abba releases his first CD in years

9 albums

released by the group, with the launch of their most recent - Voyage

40 years

since the release of their previous cd


Over 300 million albums and songs released worldwide


3.5 million people got tickets to see 'Abbatars' together at London's Royal Albert Hall


1973 saw the launch of the very first CD, Ring Ring


1974the year they won the Eurovision Song Contest with "Waterloo".

Resource: BBC Research Study.

Helen Brown of The Independent gave Voyage five stars and agreed that it was "a triumphant album awash in Abba's moodiness" that "delivers all the timeless flavors of Abba".

"Abba didn't try to update the gloriously showy vintage garland of their 80s office event sound," she said. [Bjorn] Ulvaeus and also [Benny] Andersson have always been cautious businessmen and they recognize that their appeal has never been tied to being "in fashion".

Times reviewer Ed Potton described Trip as "a reassuringly familiar blend of lucid belief, outrageous musicality, and utter indifference to fashion".

He composed: "Like much of Abba's back catalogue, these tracks may sound lame on first glance, but you're drawn to Benny Andersson's mellifluous punch and Bjorn Ulvaeus' quirky lyrical ideas.

"Agnetha Faltskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad share lead vocals, and their vocals, though a bit lower, remain pristine and moving.".

'An unusual overflowed disk'.

Although Just A Notion's piano is "dangerously similar to Shakin' Stevens", Potton alluded to the verses of I Still Have Faith In You when he concluded, "Do they have it in them? Based on those 10 leads, it's an emphatic yes."

Kate Solomon of The I Journal referenced the same lyrics but created a different response.

"Do they have it in them? Unfortunately the answer on Trip is no," she wrote.

It's a "strange, upset record," she explained.

"It looks like we were actually promised all-new, paradigm-shifting material and ended up with a bunch of B-sides and rarities...

“There is a kind of Audio of Songs in the whole effort; a somewhat offbeat and overly nostalgic effort to find something that had in fact been lost. »

Abba motion capture costumes.


Image caption.

Group participants used motion capture matches to produce avatars for their honest digital performances.

Neil McCormick of The Telegraph said that Faltskog and Lyngstad "can still hold a song", while Andersson and Ulvaeus "have actually not lost their ability to create a flowing melody decorated with scintillating hooks".

"Voyage is a gentle OAP cruise around the bayous of Abba's reputation," he composed.

Kate Mossman of The New Statesman claimed that she was "striked repeatedly by the bizarre tone of Abba's late period domestic psychodramas".

"Abba does a great line in mature romance, though – a kind of knowing, sparkling-eyed boomer love you don't see anywhere else besides permanent insurance ads.".

Andersson told BBC News that "we don't have anything to prove here", adding: "I don't believe we're taking any danger because if people think we were better 40 years ago, fine.".

He claimed he believed Trip would definitely be the swan song of the quartet. "I said that was it," he told BBC entertainment reporter Colin Paterson. "I don't want to do another Abba album.

"However, I am not alone in this case. There are four of us. If they twist my arm, I could transform my mind."

Ulvaeus added: "I never said never, though, I agree with Benny. I guess that was our goodbye.".

The group will nevertheless continue in the genre of computer-animated electronic characters called Abbatars, who will certainly "perform" during virtual shows in a specially constructed field in London from next May.

On Thursday, they released a trailer giving an idea of ​​exactly how the shows will look.

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