The Cold Opening Hell Starring Adam Driver, John Lovitz Camus Will Go Live Saturday Night


The Cold Opening Heck with Adam Motorist, John Lovitz Camus, Goes Live Saturday Night


  • The Cold Opening Up Hell Starring Adam Driver, John Lovitz Camus Will Surely Survive Saturday Night

  • Adam Chauffeur, John Lovitz, Saturday, cold opening

  • The Cold Opening Up Hell with Adam Vehicle Driver, John Lovitz Camus, Goes Live Saturday Night


Saturday Evening Live resumed this weekend after a substantial hiatus, without a minute to spare to deal with President Donald Trump's preliminary impeachment.


For SNL's performance of Capitol Hill's Unforgettable Proceedings, Cecily Strong played GOP Senator Susan Collins alongside right-wing Beck Bennett on the targeted portrayal of Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Adam Chauffeur, John Lovitz, Saturday, cold opening

The Cold Opening Hell with Adam Motorist, John Lovitz Camus, will definitely survive Saturday night

The illustration began with Solid complaining about the instance brought by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

"I was disturbed that Adam Schiff said Republicans were worried about meeting with the head of state," Solid said. She then asked, "If Trump tried to threaten Susan Collins, I would definitely walk right up to him and also say..." before her voice cut out and she covered her head in her upper body.

“Republicans are basically pointing to a sensible initial — no observers, no evidence,” Bennett said with a laugh. “That way we can fire the head of state Trump and shine a spotlight on the real crooks of this country, the teenagers trying to weed themselves out.”


Strong reported that the evidence against Trump was "absolutely overwhelming," so Bennett brought in questionable Trump legal representative Alan Dershowitz, played by former SNL Jon Lovitz.

“Eager? Lovitz asserted. "Without a doubt, hi everyone it's me, Alan Dershowitz. It's exceptional to be underneath because I'm not welcome anywhere else."

Adam Driver, John Lovitz, Saturday, Cold Open

The Cold Opening Up Heck Starring Adam Driver, John Lovitz Camus Will Survive Saturday Night


Lovitz's Dershowitz also sang about his questionable former clients, Jeffrey Epstein and OJ Simpson.


"Would you be able to not refer to your past consumers regarding the head of state? This is anything but a phenomenal look," urged Solid.

A few minutes after the reality, Lovitz started having chest pains and was moved to hell, where Satan otherwise called Kate McKinnon totally welcomed him and also a song.

As Lovitz observed the surroundings, McKinnon revealed to him that he was not doomed to hell just yet.

“You're probably not going to hell, you're not dying by any means. I'll send you upstairs in a moment, McKinnon clarified. "I'm a massive fan.

Suddenly, Lovitz identified his former companion and late client Epstein, played by Marital Relation Story and Star Wars artist Adam Chauffeur, who acted as this weekend's host. Lovitz had to admit what he was doing in hell.

"Just changing," replied the driver of the moaning vehicle, in an obvious reference to Epstein allegedly hanging himself.

It is very important to keep in mind that I love everything I have done for the head of state. All we're getting here is Fox News and it was great to see your feature as well," Driver said before dropping an astonishment. "I was knocked out!".

There were a few other well-known faces in hell, consisting of Flo from modern commercials, who existed after doing "demon management", as well as Mr. Nut for "taking out kids" with a nutty level of sensitivity. . .

As mentioned in the past, Oscar nominee Adam Chauffeur is the current week's host, as well as Halsey, a melodious visitor.




My advantage, Adam Motorist is just a normal person.


Gail Doorperson: I like to show a bald head currently.

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