SEO Devices Company MarketGoo Forms Partnership With EIG Internet Hosting Team


SEO Design Company MarketGoo Forms Partnership With EIG Internet Hosting Team


Seo (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) tool provider MarketGoo has formed a collaboration with Webhosting Group Endurance International Group (EIG).

MarketGoo, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, was developed in 2012. The company's services allow its customers (general services) to gain seniority in online search engines as well as benefit from increased web traffic to the website.

Its tools are also readily available as a "white label, full option" from which partners such as telcos and web hosting companies generate revenue.

MarketGoo's collaboration with EIG will certainly enable its host brands to deliver brand new and improved search engine optimization devices.

His option is currently available on Bluehost and also HostGator for customers in the United States.



EIG, headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA, was established in 1997. It is among the largest hosting and relevant services companies, powering "millions of small businesses around the world with products and innovation".

The company has around 83 different brand names, including web hosts such as HostGator and Bluehost, as well as service providers such as Continuous Call,, SiteBuilder, iPage, SEO Gears, as well as SinglePlatform. In addition to workplaces in the United States, I

have an existence in Brazil, India, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. EIG's collaboration with MarketGoo will allow its clients to benefit from automatic coverage that will provide search engine optimization preparation for their sites. The plan uses a non-technical, step-by-step website optimization checklist and benchmarks that focus on "improving a website's high-quality traffic and search engine results."


"MarketGoo and Endurance share a similar goal of equipping website owners and their businesses to achieve their online goals," said MarketGoo CEO Wences Garcia. “This set of SEO tools is designed to help small businesses with no prior technical knowledge and seamlessly equates to the user experience across Stamina's brands. We're incredibly excited to see Endurance hosting customers improve their results online."


"It's clear that website search engine optimization is a big need and falls into the 'necessities' category for many of our clients," added Mitch Haber, Vice President Director of Commercial Techniques and Partnerships at Stamina. "MarketGoo's option meets this demand in a way that is transparent to our consumers."

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