Dominant Pakistan finish group stage with record all-time wins


Dominant Pakistan finish group stage with record all-time wins


As he has done throughout the tournament, Babar Azam put on the support and marked his 4th half-century of competition as other batters rallied around him to lift Pakistan to their fifth victory of the competition.

Previously, it was Mohammad Rizwan or Asif Ali who would light up the fireworks as Babar rose from one end, however, in this celebration, it was their two most capable hitters who entertained the group of Sharjah.


Shoaib Malik, who made his world debut in 1999, slapped an undefeated 54 in 18 rounds. Mohammad Hafeez, who made his world debut in 2003, made it 31 in 19.

And after their strike took Pakistan to 189, another top bowling move saw them easily beat Scotland by 72 runs and seal a semi-final date with Australia after becoming the only team with a 100% victory document in the team phase of the competition. .



Babar makes it a practice

It doesn't matter if the score is difficult. Minimal people like Rizwan and Fakhar Zaman may struggle on a two-speed surface, but if you're Babar, you'll find a method to rack up runs. Although the strike rate is not high, he selects his limit balls intelligently.

Wide rounds were hit squared with offside, jerky deliveries from slower bowlers were consulted with on-lane avoidance, and half-trackers were hit with the back foot.

This allowed Pakistan to keep advancing even though Rizwan and Fakhar incorporated to score just 21 runs from 30 balls.


After hitting his 50s in 40 rounds, Babar slapped 2 6s on rewriter's Hamza Tahir as well as Mark Watt to reveal early signs of Pakistan's kit being modified to make up for a slow start.

At one point he dropped to 18th, but already his strike rate had reached over 140 when he dropped to 66.

Age just a number for Malik, Hafeez

At 60 for 2 after ten overs, Pakistan were definitely in a tricky position. However, Hafeez has actually started making his cameos a practice. Against Namibia, it was his 16-ball 32 that brought their innings to life, and on Sunday it was his 19-ball 31 that not only improved the run rate but also gave Babar a bit more freedom. to play his shots.


Hafeez set the tone in his innings with a straight pushback from Tahir before slapping part-time Richie Berrington for extra coverage. Then he took the beat from Safyaan Sharif, hitting him for six and two fours in the four-round zone. And although Sharif dismissed Hafeez at the end of the 15th, the doors still in the hut meant that Pakistan would only operate at top speed from there.

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And that was the case with Malik's sleeves. Watt spawned the first shock of Malik's aggression with 2 sixes in one. Sharif was then sent down the deep midwicket and long with ease. Heading into the final over, Malik's numbers were currently exceptional having gone 32 balls from 14 balls. But there was still gas in the storage tank.


For the 20th inning, Scotland decided that Chris Greaves, who had a 5.67 save after three overs, should complete the innings, and for Malik, those were easy choices. After Asif got 3 out in the first 2 balls, Malik gloated over Greaves. The first sphere to Malik was shot on the side of the leg, the second round was shot for four with the square leg, the third sphere was discussed at length, and the 4th ball was also shot in front of the square. Malik helped Pakistan to 26 goals on the last to not only reach the fastest fifty (on 18 balls) in the competition, but also give Scotland an unlikely 190 to win.



Far too much for Scotland to do.

With these many inescapable protections, Pakistan had the luxury of attacking the new sphere. They gave up 19 of the first three overs, but there were enough oohs and aahs from infielders as Scotland's openers dealt with their timing. Neat overs from Imad Wasim, Haris Rauf and Hasan Ali to liquidate the power play meant Scotland scored just 4 per over after 6 overs.


Hasan got Scotland's first-ever arc on the latest power play. Kyle Coetzer, struggling on 9, failed to pick his slower ball to finish the hole. The second Scottish arc was a run of bad luck as Matthew Cross was caught napping on the non-striking end on a light touch Wasim after George Munsey hit a right slap. Two more fell in quick sequence as Shadab Khan struck out 2 batters just after the drinks break with 2 googlies. At 41 for 4 after 10.3 overs, the game went only one way.


But Berrington didn't want to raise the white flag just yet. The only Scottish half-centurion in the competition has so far added a second to his tally by going an unbeaten 54. Hasan was hit from cover and mid-wicket, Shaheen's expedition also uncovered the boundary, Haris was brushed smartly into an inverted square and also Hasan was then smoked longer. Berrington's half-century was available in 34 ball, however, he was the only Scottish batter who could dictate the bowling. Otherwise, none of the other Scottish batters had a strike rate over 100, and while they weren't all knocked out, they were well and truly beaten against a side of increasing stature by jumps and limits with the Globe Cup prize currently in their sights.



Record day for Babar, Rizwan.


Although Rizwan made 13, it was enough for him to become the guy with the most T20 runs in a fiscal year. It transcended Chris Gayle's tally of 1,665 runs in 2015.


As far as Babar is concerned, the records continue to crumble. His 50s took him to the top for most 50s in a single T20 Globe Mug, initially linked with Virat Kohli (in 2014) as well as Matthew Hayden, the Pakistani batting train (in 2007). It was also his 19th T20 fifty in 2021, breaking Kohli's world record of 18 fifty in 2016.

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