Dark and deep secrets revealed by Jennifer Aniston while hosting her guest show on Allen Degeneres

 Dark and deep secrets revealed by Jennifer Aniston during her guest show on Allen Degeneres


  • Dark and deep touches exhibited by Jennifer Aniston while hosting her guest show on Allen Degeneres
  • Jennifer Aniston, host, Allen Degeneres
  • Dark And So Deep Tricks Exposed By Jennifer Aniston While Hosting Her Guest Show On Allen Degeneres

What happens when you put your hit TV show in the hands of Jennifer Aniston? Ellen DeGeneres just found herself.


On Friday, the morning show celeb took over as host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in DeGeneres' non-appearance, and she opened the show with a fun monologue turned into a meal from her wonderful sidekick.


when you're real friends, you do that," she continued, unassumingly pointing to a photo of her and DeGeneres, 61, laying lips to the program from the previous loss.



"Right? That's pretending, that's what real buddies do," Aniston, 50, said to cheers from the band. "Or on the other hand maybe just me."


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Aniston concluded that because she wasn't there, it was a good time to "share some dirt" on DeGeneres.


"Also, I'm not just talking about the planet — I'm giving you some extended and dark insider facts," Aniston assured. It's because she's on the run. Legislation. You have no clue!"


"I have an extra. Her real name? It's not Ellen. It's Sherry. Sherry Linguine," she continued. "Certainly lately I've found the best rate. Besides, there's another one. She gets rid of the pennies. She throws the pennies straight into the trash before the private ones. Excellent karma dimes!"


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Plus, the hits kept coming, with Aniston joking that she "can't get straight into [DeGeneres'] changing location, considering she's eating one of those Gwyneth Paltrow candles," a move for the $75 votive candles shamelessly named "This Scent Looks Like My Vagina" readily available on Goop's online store.

Finally, it was a jam-packed scene for the site visitor, who also met Will Ferrell as well as Selena Gomez. Gracious, and given that the show is recorded at the famed Detector Bros. studio. Reward set. It was nothing

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